Recreational Tumbling


Our beginning, intermediate and advance tumbling classes will be once a week for one hour. In recreational tumbling classes we will be learning coordination, limber, and tumbling skills.

Our class size will be small. We will register no more than 7 students to a tumbling class, 8 students in power tumbling classes. When it is necessary to put 9 to 12 students in a class then we will be team teaching and two teachers will be made available. We feel that this gives our students a lot of individual work and less time standing in line.

We do not accept checks or cash. All monthly classes are paid for by direct payment. The form is available for you to pull off or pick one up in the gym. You must submit a written notice when leaving our classes 10 days before you want the payment to end. Payment is charged to your account on the 5th of each month. A one time, per family, (not student), registration fee of $25.00 is charged the first month of classes. This is charged if you stop classes for a short period of time and then rejoin us.

Payment for classes are as follows:

1 hour recreational class once a week-$45.00 a month. 1 hour power tumbling class once a week $50.00 a month.

We offer a family discount for 3 or more children. You will save $3.00 per child per month.  

Open Gym : $8.00 per class and is for students that are registered  with Pitcher’s Tumbling & Cheer.

Payment is made at the beginning of class and is made by cash or check. 


*Classes are paid for by the month and not by the class. To stop payment a WRITTEN NOTICE must be given 10 days before payment is scheduled to be withdrawn.