Competition Team

Important information if you are considering
being a member of our 2021 team.
The one and only requirement to compete is
a round-off , two back-handsprings.

Team members come to class on Tuesday/Thursday for 90 minutes. We do  conditioning, tumbling and double mini training every class. Summer time is a fun time as we spend those 6 plus months learning new skills. November-April we work mostly  on competition passes and some new skills on the next level. This will ensure they are ready to move up a level when they have reached mobility scores.  This year we will get all new passes to work on also.

Other requirements for team members:
    1. Every person on the team will have a payment due to USA Gymnastic of $60.00 . This is done at the website of USA Gymnastic by the parent. We will require this done by August 1st for all our team members.  
    2. Team leotards, Jackets and warm-up will be  $180-$300. We have options to help with cost. This order  will be due  July 30th. This payment will cover the cost of  both the leotards and warm-ups. Order forms will be handed out in July. We turn in our the orders in August. This will ensure all the items are back before the end of the year. (This is for new team members)
    3. This year we will be charging a team fee of  $295.00 on October 10th. This will cover the costs for competing in all  the local meets in 2021.  We will not be charging this by the month this season. This is not refundable if you leave the team or miss a meet. We plan on signing up each and every team member for  every local meet next season.  
4. Team classes are $120.00 a month.
    5. Remember we don’t offer make ups lesson for team classes. It is important that you come on a regular basis.
 If you are interested  email us soon. We will be taking only 35 team members. The 2021 competition team will begin training on June 2nd .

If you have further questions please call Darlene at 801-710-9151.